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Water Softeners
Water Softeners
Product Code:Softeners 8 - 12 -16 Litre
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Model Softeners 8 - 12 -16 Litre
Accessory type Softener
Use for Wash dish/glass and protect against limescale
We would recommend you use a water softener to get the best results from your dish or glasswasher and to protect against limescale. The 8 litre water softener is suitable only for the smaller EMP631 glasswasher and the larger 12 or 16 litre softener is suitable for the rest of our glass / dishwashing range please call for a quotation. In a hard water area a water softener is a necessity. If you require information about hard / soft water areas please click here http://www.dwi.gov.uk/pubs/hardness/index.htm